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News from: 29.06.2013
New treatments and therapies


What is Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy?
Matrix Therapy is a strongly effective and rhythmic micro-extension technique, which addresses bodily malfunctions on a cellular level. During treatment, the physiological vibrations of the skeleton musculature and the peripheral nervous system are being mechanically and magnetically stimulated with the help of a specially constructed resonator. Thereby, Matrix Therapy subscribes to the medical school of thought attributing limited mobility and numerous disease symptoms to disruptions on the cellular level. This therapy model was conceived in the 1990s, following a research project spanning several years at the University of Erlangen, in which it became apparent that human cells constantly pulsate rhythmically and vibrate coherently with each other.

Disease Types
Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy qualifies as a form of treatment for any illness, which attributes faults in cellular microcirculation and the cell-surrounding matrix as the causes of its symptoms. Whenever elementary processes in the human body seize to function adequately, a decline in cell vibration becomes evident. With the help of Matrix Therapy, any ailing tissues of the body are stimulated until its cells resume vibrating in their normal and synchronized nature.

This form of therapy is mainly relevant for rehabilitation and prevention of further damage caused by excessive stress, injury, accidents and surgery, as well as professional athletics. In addition, Matrix Therapy is used as a preventative measure outright to avoid malicious cell developments.

During treatment, the specially developed resonator is applied to the malfunctioning part of the body. Thereby, the body’s natural physiological processes are stimulated by a phase-synchronized, mechano-magnetic vibration in a freely adjustable range between ca. 8-12 Hz. Through the normalisation of cellular rhythm and nutrient flow density in the extracellular sphere, musculoskeletal problems are relieved significantly and permanently. As a supporting addition to Matrix Therapy, further manual treatment, such as osteopathy, are recommended to fortify its beneficial effects.

Biofeedback Therapy

What is Biofeedback?
Biofeedback Therapy allows internal physical processes, such as the degrees of muscular tension and breathing patterns, to be measured and displayed comprehensively on a computer screen. Through the visual display of bodily changes, the patient is able to appreciate, experience and understand the connection between stress and vegetative reactions of his/her own body and therefore eventually change the observable malfunctions. Therefore, Biofeedback is suited especially well for stress diagnosis, relaxation training, as well as for the learning of self-regulating mechanisms.

Disease Types
Biofeedback therapy lends itself to treatment of a wide variety of diagnoses and can be successfully used to target the following illnesses in particular:

1. Chronic pain symptoms, such as:
- Back pain
- Migraine
- Tension-related headache
- Chronic muscular tension

2. Incontinence

3. Psychosomatic Illnesses, such as:
- Essential Hypertonia
- Tinnitus
- Depression fatigue following Burnout syndrome
- Fear- and panic attacks

During treatment, the patient’s current physiological homeostatic mechanisms are measured with the help of a variety of instruments and visually displayed. Through the visualisation of the patient’s own psychophysiological processes, the patient learns to better distinguish between states of relaxation and tension and to sharpen his/her awareness of his/her internal constitution. In addition, the patient is also taught a variety of practical methods and exercises to help overcome difficult and stressful situations in everyday life.